The Suzuki Method, also known as the Talent Education movement was started in 1945 by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and is based on the "Mother tongue" method. A child can learn music in much the same way they learn language "Not to turn out geniuses, but through violin playing to extend the child's ability."

The program starts with group/preparation classes and then individual lessons. The Suzuki approach relies on the Teacher-Child-Parent triangle for support, motivation and encouragement. Group classes are complementary to individual lessons and give support to, and instill confidence in, the child's ability.

Parents should create a musical environment at home as well as attend concerts and recitals with their children. This aids in improving the student's confidence and demonstrating their potential. It also provides a goal the student can aim for.

The Suzuki Method develops correct posture, proper respect and care for the instrument and helps develop the memory ability of children. All these are solid foundations to build a musical future on. The student progresses through different book levels, each accompanied by a tape, which the student listens to and endeavors to imitate. The teacher's coaching helps the student move on to more advanced works as their skills develop.

Teachers themselves attend teacher-training institutes to upgrade their skills and learn the different book levels. They also learn the latest techniques from the interchange of ideas with other teachers, helping them bring out the best from each student.

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